A nonprofit organization whose purpose is to improve the lives of orphans in Cambodia and Vietnam by addressing the many challenges these children face.

Mr. Joe Rice, founder of, stopped at Saint Philip on a recent trip to Kentucky.  He spoke with each of the classrooms about his work through runwithjoe.  

During his visit the students learned about the cities, communities and schools in Cambodia.  They also learned about how Saint Philip can work with and help the students at Tmatboey Primary and Secondary Schools.

What Can Saint Philip Do?

Students grades K - 8 are participating in an Art Exchange with students from Tmatboey

Students grades 5-6 will hold a bake sale on Friday Feb. 21 during the Saint Philip Tournament Games.

All money raised through the bake sale will go towards building a Reading Cottage for the students.

Additional funds raised will be used to purchase balls through One World Futbol.

In addition to these purchases we received a donation from Meijer to purchase school supplies for the teachers in Tmatboey.

Below are the needs of the schools that we will be helping. is working towards fulfilling all the needs of these students.

For more information, or if you would like to donate please contact Mrs. Twehues, any 5th or 6th grade student or go to

Day-To-Day Needs




Exercise books

Sketch books

Picture books


Color pens
Stickers / Post-it Notes
Paper clips
Volleyballs & Soccer balls
School bags


Computer                                $300 USD

Solar Generator                 $2500 USD

Printer                         $300 USD
Library (cement structure)      $3000 USD
Reading Cottage         $250 USD

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