Monday, March 7, 2016

A few students had questions regarding the Greek Family Tree Project.  This should help answer those questions.

1.  All 12 names must be on the poster board
2.  The item/items of which they are a god must be on the poster board
3.  Students need to represent each of the gods by using a symbol, or picture.  Students may DRAW OR USE PRINTED PICTURES.

BUT, if they use printed pictures, they must be supervised by their parent.  When you simply search Greek gods, you often get pictures of statues that may be inappropriate for our age level.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


There were 12 chief gods whose earthly home was thought to be Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece.  Each of the twelve had special functions or jobs. 

Zeus, god of the sky, was the ruler of the gods.
Hera, Zeus’ wife, had charge of marriage and the birth of children.
His sister Hestia was protector of the home. 
His brother Poseidon had charge of the sea. 
Another brother, Hades, was god of the underworld.

          The other Olympian gods were children of Zeus. 

Athena was the goddess of wisdom.  She was especially honored at Athens. 
The beautiful Aphrodite was goddess of love and beauty. 
Apollo was the god of both the sun and music.  Statues of Apollo often show him holding a stringed instrument called a lyre.  
Artemis was goddess of hunting and of the woods. 
Hermes was god of the flocks and was also Zeus’ messenger. 
Hephaestus was god of fire and metalworking.  
Ares was the god of war.