Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Welcome Back!

 Russell Hoban

 Summer goes, summer goes
 Like the sand between my toes 
 When the waves go out 
 That's how summer pulls away,
 Leaves me standing here today,
 Waiting for the bus.

 Summer brought, summer brought 
 All the frogs that I have caught 
 Frogging at the pond,
 Hot dogs, flowers, shells and rocks,
 Postcards in my postcard box - 
 Places far away.

 Summer took, summer took 
 All the lessons in my book,
 Blew them far away.
 I forgot the things I knew - 
 Arithmetic and spelling, too,
 Never thought about them.

 Summer's gone, summer's gone - 
 Fall and winter coming on,
 Frosty in the morning.
 Here's the school bus right on time.
 I'm not really sad that I'm 
 Going back to school.