Friday, August 30, 2013

Father God,
I thank you for this Labor Day holiday. I thank you for this time when I can choose to get added rest, or added fun, or added time to catch up on necessary chores.
Lord, this is also a great day for reflection. This is a day to thank you for the many gifts and talents that you have given me to serve you and serve others. 
Lord, you have equipped me, you have prepared me, and you will enable me to make great contributions to this world. Enlarge my vision of your awesome plan for my life. 
I thank you for your heavenly guidance. I celebrate the revelation, motivation, and determination that will take me to the next step in my destiny.
Bless my work and my career for your glory. Enlarge my opportunities. Enable me to be prosperous as I dedicate myself to giving my best to the work assignments you have given me.
In Jesus' Name I pray,
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Extra Credit Percentage Points

     I will be showing the students how to answer the extra credit questions on the Blog Tuesday or Wednesday.  Since we will be having a Social Studies test on Friday there will be extra credit questions posted.  Students are given the opportunity to earn 3 extra credit percentage points by completing the 3 questions by Friday.  Students may email the answers to me using a home or school email.  They may also hand write the answers.  Sometimes I do not receive the answers emailed through the Blog page itself.  I would recommend students check with me by Thursday to be sure I received the email.  If I did not, they can send it again or simply hand write them

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thank you to all the parents who came to 
Back to School Night!  

Monday, August 19, 2013

We had a great start to our first full week of school today!

     Just as a reminder, all students have a "Take Home Folder".  You will find the weekly Spelling words and a monthly calendar marked with important dates.  Students should take this folder home every night.  
     Students also have an assignment book that should be taken home every night.  Students write their nightly and weekly homework in these books before they leave each day. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Let me be just what they need.

If they need someone to trust, let me be trustworthy. If they
need sympathy, let me sympathize. If they need love, (and
they do need love), let me love, in full measure.

Let me not anger easily, Lord but let me be just. Permit my
justice to be tempered in your mercy.

When I stand before them, Lord, let me look strong and good
and honest and loving. And let me be as strong and good and
honest and loving as I look to them.

Help me to counsel the anxious, crack the covering of the shy, temper the rambunctious with a gentle attitude.

Permit me to teach only the truth. Help me to inspire them so that learning will not cease at the classroom door.

Let the lessons they learn make their lives fruitful and happy.
And, Lord, let me bring them to You. Teach them through me
to love You.

Finally, permit me to learn the lessons they teach.