Thursday, April 25, 2013

The game is officially over - I think we came in 2nd place.  WAY TO GO!!  We were only 9 points away form First Place!
We are down by 2!  Keep Playing!  We have a little less than an hour to go!!
We are now down by 17 - KEEP PLAYING!!
We have until 8:00 tonight!!
5th and 6th grade students as of 5:10 we are only winning Sumdog by 3 points!  Keep playing!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

     We will begin our standardized testing this Tuesday and continue through until next week.  Below I have posted a few tips for parents.

What Parents Can Do At Home 

Test-Taking Tips

• Acknowledge test-taking anxiety as normal, but stay positive. 

• Encourage your child to think positive thoughts like “I can do this!” 

• Go over the test-taking tips with your child. 

• Adequate rest makes a difference! Make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time; being active earlier in the day (not right before bed) can help kids get to sleep.

• Nutrition also influences how well children do on test; a good breakfast is important, but a large meal right before the test can be distracting.