Thursday, December 13, 2012


Monday, December 10, 2012

     After reading the touching story, "Hattie's Birthday Box", we will now create our own Boxes (Bags) of Hope and Inspiration.  Each student will create one Bag of Hope and Inspiration for their Advent Pal.  For the next week we will be completing many assignments to include in our bags.  Bags will include 5 compliments, a poem, a letter of encouragement or inspiration, a creative illustration and a handmade gift.  
     Some class time will be given to students, but they can also work on their bags at home.  Remember to be positive and put forth the quality and effort that you would want from someone else.  Be sure to write or type items neatly, and be creative.
     Friday December 22 we will get together while exchanging Advent Pal gifts to share our boxes bags of hope.  That is when students will reveal their Advent Pals.